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Italy National Pavilion at BAKUTEL 2014

An interview to Ms. Manuela Traldi, President of Italy-Azerbaijan Trade Institute ITAZERCOM, regarding the italian presence at the important ICT exhibition at Baku (Azerbaigian)

1. What entities will be presented at the national stand of your country?

The national Stand of Italy is organized and coordinated by the Italy – Azerbaijan Trade Institute. This year we are glad to present an excellent selection of ICT companies, covering multiple areas of expertise and coming from different regions of Italy: Digital Engineering, Aresoft and Jakin from Rome, Soleto S.p.A., 3TSolutions and IWAY Engineering Services from Milan and TPR Service from Maddaloni (Caserta) in the southern Campania Region.


2. What goods and services will be offered to the visitors of BakuTel 2014?

I can say that the portfolio of value-added IT solutions and Telecom and Network engineered products and services offered by our Exhibitors will satisfy most of the visitors’ interests. It ranges from Systems, Equipment & Services for telecommunication networks (security installation & measuring systems included), to Software design, Cloud Infrastructure, R&D, Wireless & Mobility, Photovoltaic systems and optical technology, Traffic lights control and coordination, Public Lighting system, IMAC services, Business Intelligence, Data Management, Trainings and education, Gap Analysis and Mapping, Cut Over e Go-Live, Post-Go Live assistance, technical assistance for high-range Server, Mainframe, Storage, Massive Printers, Attendance Data Collection and Video Surveillance, just to name a few. One of our Exhibitors, TPR Services, in particular specializes in Automatic Fare Collection and Transportation Systems Management and presents Electronic ticketing systems, AVL systems (fleet control), SAE systems (for public transportation management, schedule control, punctuality control, etc) Access control systems for Underground, bus or train stations, Infomobility systems (time schedule arrivals, departures, etc) and GPS systems (tracking) but also specific equipment, such as automatic collection systems for payments and AFC tariffs - Automatic Fare Collection - Validators, Ticket Issue Machines, Management Software and Waiting Management Systems.

All of our companies will be having scheduled B2b meetings and are looking forward to meeting visitors at the Stand and at the Workshop to be held on December 4. I would like to underline that the Workshop will host a not-to-be-missed presentation entitled “New frontiers of Corporate Intelligence - An integrated approach to prevention tools and operating procedures to protect Corporate Information Assets” by Dr. Marco Strano, an Italian Police officer with long-standing experience both in the Italian Intelligence Services contrasting the criminal enterprises and also in Scientific Research, being the Scientific Director of “Intelligence LAB” a very important research fellowship composed by detectives and forensic scientists He is also the author of several scientific books and articles about criminology and investigative methods. Massimo Barbato, CEO of our exhibitor 3TSolutions, instead, will participate as speaker in the Energy Session at the Internet of Things International Conference to be held in the morning of December 3.

So you see, our offer and the Italian expertise at Bakutel is pretty wide and diversified.


3. What is your opinion about the role of this specialized exhibition in the development of cooperation in ICT field between Azerbaijan and your country?

Thanks to the efforts of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies, I believe Bakutel is truly becoming an incredible opportunity for foreign Companies to fully discover Azerbaijan’s potential in this field and on the other hand, for Azerbaijani institutions to celebrate the Country’s incredible drive for Innovation and achievements, creating at the same time contacts and strengthening their ties with the Scientific community worldwide.

So, to me, the Exhibition and Conference are more than just an ordinary commercial fair. We, as the Italy – Azerbaijan Trade institute started our cooperation with Bakutel Exhibition last year and we are extremely grateful to H.E. Minister Abbasov and to his indefatigable International Relations Department for their kind hospitality and effective support. We also appreciate, as usual, ITECA’s professional and helpul assistance. In the recent years Italy and Azerbaijan have established closer and closer relations. The Azeri market is so well disposed towards innovations and high technologies that a cooperation may become extremely exciting. Italian companies are willing to offer and share their know-how and experience, and start building solid commercial relationships in Azerbaijan. We are sure that participating in this exhibition will only create the best conditions for that and further enhance our partnership and friendship.

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